Important Update

Franklin_City_SealAs of Wednesday, January 6, 2016, the City of Franklin has agreed to “a full abeyance of any Cease and Desist actions.  Nothing more on the Cease and Desist side of the equation will occur until such time as all appeals, any court action, or any related discussions and decision making timeframes are wrapped up.  You can continue to operate as you are now until everything is completed.”




4 thoughts on “Important Update

  1. Mindy

    When will “everything be completed”? I don’t understand why the town is picking on you but hopefully this means it’s changing. I commend you for what you are doing, taking control of ones vices is no simple task.

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  2. tammy graham

    Great because they got two choices, Let this be a healing place for those who no longer want to use drugs otherwise if they shut it down they will probably rent or sell to active addicts who will not be looking to make a better lives for themselves or their fellow neighbors.
    Sincerely, Tammy Graham Alcoholic/Addict in recovery with 13 years of making my life and the lives of others safe and happy

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