The support continues to be awe-inspiring. We are trying to answer questions as they arise. Questions about funding have, understandably, been raised from within the Franklin community. So here goes: The home is a labor of love in recovery. DBC does not receive and has never sought any federal, state, or local funding, no grants, no donations, no tax incentives, no fuel assistance. We pay our own way. We lean on each other in the maintenance of our recovery from alcoholism and addiction. We spend honestly earned income in local businesses, attend local churches, fly the American flag, volunteer within the community, and enroll no children in the Franklin school system. No taxpayer dollars fund the house, which pays property taxes and water and sewer just like any other similarly assessed single family home in the City. Working together, supporting each other, we don’t ask what Franklin can do for us; we ask what we can contribute to the community of Franklin.



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