DBC Agrees to Postponement of Appeal Hearing

 April_6th-320x320Dear Franklin Officials,

The residents of 60 Depot Street are in agreement that scheduling our appeal to the ZBA for April 6, 2016 makes sense in light of the wealth of documentation we submitted with our application.  During a time of statewide crisis and tragedy brought on by the opioid epidemic, we appreciate the extra time the delay affords for public dialogue regarding the Fair Housing Amendments Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and action undertaken by the United States Department of Justice in the enforcement of FHAA compliance concerning group homes for persons in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

It is our sincere hope and belief that the City’s request for postponement is truly motivated by the need to better study and understand the intersection of zoning ordinances with state and federal laws protecting persons with disability, and it is in this spirit of cooperation that we consent to the later hearing date.

We anticipate some community criticism of our willingness to work within the City’s processes. The few people who want to witness a fight will say we have been duped by some stalling tactic on the part of a City already committed to an inevitable outcome.

We believe that cooperation, rather than conflict, is in the best interest of the entire community.

hearing delay letter from DBC to City



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