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December 23, 2015



Re:  Administrative Determination of November 30, 2015 and request for interpretation/ 60 Depot Street; tax map/lot 099-050-00

Dear Mr. Lewis,

We received the City’s administrative determination of November 30.  Our request for an appeal of that decision will arrive under separate cover.

Since all points in the City’s administrative determination of November 30 are dependent upon the de-classification of our residency as single household/single family and its re-classification as a disallowed rooming house, we ask that the City hold the Cease and Desist and action upon life and safety codes in abeyance until hearing our appeal.

We would like to emphasize again our desire to work with the City of Franklin.  In that context, we ask the City’s assistance in helping us better understand the civic perspective.  We would be grateful if you would provide us with an administrative interpretation of your initial classification of 60 Depot Street as a “rooming house.”

We would also ask, respectfully, for an outline of the specific factors considered, weighed, and brought to bear upon the City’s reconsideration of that classification which resulted in the Administrative Determination of November 30.  You note in that November 30 correspondence that we “have not presented any information” that suggests the classification was misinterpreted or misapplied; however, your letter provides no specific criteria upon which you and Building Inspector Bodien made your reconsideration, and we are left with only an outline of the factors that were deemed irrelevant or uninformative but no exposition on the factors that were deemed relevant.  In the spirit of good faith and cooperation, we seek a balanced understanding of the City’s position.

Additionally, we request an administrative interpretation of:

  • the factors that disqualify our use as a single nonprofit housekeeping unit in a single family dwelling
  • the ways in which, if any, our existence as a group home functioning as a family unit in a single family dwelling imposes an undue burden or expense upon the local government, necessitating action by the City
  • why or how our existence creates, if any, a fundamental alteration in the zoning scheme of Franklin, necessitating investigation by the City

Thank you for considering our request for interpretation of the initial re-classification, the reconsideration of that re-classification, and the de-classification of 60 Depot Street as single family use.


Jim Joy, Director



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